Arda Slam at The Return of the Ring

23rd November 2011: Arda Slam at The Return of the Ring

The Tolkien Society is organising a major conference at Loughborough University (UK) from 16th-20th August 2012. Walking Tree Publishers will be participating at the event and offering an "Arda Slam". Contestants will have ten minutes to present a Tolkien-related topic of their choice, with audience members judging them on their performance. The topics can be summaries or teasers of full presentations being held at the conference, or can be standalone talks. Projectors and other visual aids are allowed as in a full-length speaking slot, but the ten-minute time frame must be strictly adhered to. The challenge will lie in presenting your topic in the most appealing and accessible way possible.

Anybody wishing to take part should contact us.

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