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29th October 2014: The Broken Scythe reviewed in Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung

The Broken Scythe Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung have in their May 2014 edition published (in German) a review of The Broken Scythe: Death and Immortality in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung is the journal of Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung. The review is republished on this website here with kind permission.

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26th October 2014: Table of contents of Deep Roots in a Time of Frost

Deep Roots in a Time of Frost Patrick Curry's collection of essays is making good progress and is due to be published in mid November under the title Deep Roots in a Time of Frost. These essays have all been previously published (several by us) but some are little know and they have never before been made available in a single volume.

In this collection of his published essays, Patrick Curry explores two themes in Tolkien's great work: enchantment, the Elves and Faërie, and the natural world of Middle-earth. He considers their different effects on both readers and literary critics, and brings to light the deep connections between these two subjects, as well as between them and Tolkien's ultimate concern, 'Death and the desire for deathlessness.' Also illuminated, in contrast, is magic, as epitomised by the One Ring. Finally, he argues that the hobbits are exemplars of how to live in relation to enchantment: neither pursuing, nor avoiding, but honouring it.

The table of contents of this volume can be previewed here (along with some early reviews).

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18th September 2014: Sir Severus Le Brewse is back!

The Monster Specialist E dward S. Louis' new book, The Monster Specialist is finally available. The book's Part 1, "Sir Severus le Brewse" was first published in 2005 by another publisher and is now republished by us in a single volume jointly with the previously unpublished parts 2 and 3, "Severus and the Two Kings" and "Lilava in Search of Severus".

The Monster Specialist tells the adventures of Sir Severus le Brewse and his lovely lady, Lilava, as they quest against monsters of all descriptions. In contrast to other knights, Severus is not keen to slay his monster opponents, but will seek out a more amicable solution wherever possible. But he is gradually drawn into a confrontation with his nemesis, King Abra, and through him into the darker events of the wider world and the conflict between Arthur and Mordred.

In the picture on the left below, the new book is shown alongside the original Sir Severus Le Brewse. On the right, the book is opened to show one of ten black and white illustrations by Anke Eissmann (click on pictures to enlarge).

The Monster Specialist and Sir Severus le Brewse The Monster Specialist Severus finds a sword

A free download of the first two chapters is available here.

More information, including some high-profile reviews, can be found here.

Some booksellers offering The Monster Specialist are listed here.

The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis, 310 pages, Walking Tree Publishers, Zurich and Jena 2014, ISBN 978-3-905703-23-8.

Recommended price UK: £15.00, USA: $24.30, Europe: €16.85, Switzerland: CHF20.00.

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29th August 2014: Seryn Ennor

Readers who have been following Walking Tree Publishers for some time will recall that the company's origins lay in the Swiss Tolkien Society (Eredain). This society was finally dissolved in 2005. We are thus pleased to observe that a new Swiss Tolkien Society is being formed (with some of us involved). The new society is called Seryn Ennor and has a website at An inaugural event will take place in Jenins (Grisons, Switzerland) on the weekend of 6th September.

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22nd August 2014: Preview The Monster Specialist

The Monster Specialist In June we announced that we were working on a book that is a bit different from our usual publications – we are namely reviving the Tales of Yore Series and venturing back into fiction.

We can now confirm that publication of Edward S. Louis' The Monster Specialist is planned for September. The first part (of three) of this book was previously published under the title Sir Severus le Brewse by Silver Lake Publishing in 2005. This book, combined with the previously unpublihed parts II and III are now being (re)published as a combined volume by us.

Although readers will have to wait until September to obtain the hardcopy, we are able to pre-release the first two chapters as a free download.

[-> See also the web page of The Monster Specialist]

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18th August 2014: New book by Patrick Curry

Deep Roots: Essays on Tolkien is a collection of essays by Patrick Curry around the theme of nature and green in Tolkien. The book of about 230 pages will be launched in circa November.

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16th July 2014: Announcing Tolkien and Philosophy

Tolkien and Philosophy We are proud to announce a new publication, the 32nd of the Cormarë Series, Tolkien and Philosophy, edited by Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi.

"Tolkien and Philosophy" is a theme that has not yet been studied with the "philological" accuracy and the textual knowledge that are required to avoid squeezing the Professor's works inside conceptual frameworks that, rather than exposing their intrinsic value, risk losing both their profound meaning and their inherent beauty. What is the relationship between Tolkien's work and Philosophy? The question, if taken seriously, is by no means trivial. For these reasons we wish this book to become, in both method and content, an essential point of reference for anyone interested in better understanding the significant elements that sometimes link, sometimes divide, the "philologist" Tolkien from proper speculative philosophy.

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