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16th July 2014: Announcing Tolkien and Philosophy

Tolkien and Philosophy We are proud to announce a new publication, the 32nd of the Cormarë Series, Tolkien and Philosophy, edited by Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi.

"Tolkien and Philosophy" is a theme that has not yet been studied with the "philological" accuracy and the textual knowledge that are required to avoid squeezing the Professor's works inside conceptual frameworks that, rather than exposing their intrinsic value, risk losing both their profound meaning and their inherent beauty. What is the relationship between Tolkien's work and Philosophy? The question, if taken seriously, is by no means trivial. For these reasons we wish this book to become, in both method and content, an essential point of reference for anyone interested in better understanding the significant elements that sometimes link, sometimes divide, the "philologist" Tolkien from proper speculative philosophy.

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28th June 2014: Book reviews in Inklings-Jahrbuch

In edition 31 of Inklings-Jahrbuch (2013), Thomas Fornet-Ponse has published reviews of three of our recent books:

- Christopher MacLachlan, Tolkien and Wagner: The Ring and Der Ring
- Renée Vink, Wagner and Tolkien: Mythmakers (the two Wagner books are reviewed jointly)
- Judith Klinger (ed.), Sub-creating Middle-earth – Constructions of Authorship and the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien

The reviews (in German) are reproduced on this website here with kind permission (you can also click on the individual covers above).

Inklings Jahrbuch is the review of Inklings Gesellschaft. Their website is

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28th June 2014: The Monster Specialist

The Monster Specialist We are proud to announce an upcoming publication that is a bit different to our other books: Relaunching the Tales of Yore Series, we are currently preparing The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis.

Sir Severus le Brewse, among the least known of King Arthur's Round Table knights, is preferred by nature, disposition, and training to fight against monsters rather than other knights. After youthful adventures of errantry with dragons, trolls, vampires, and assorted beasts, Severus joins the brilliant sorceress Lilava to face the Chimaera in The Greatest Monster Battle of All Time to free her folk from an age-old curse. But their adventures don't end there; together they Severus buys his horse Courage Severus and the Chimaera meet elves and magicians, friends and foes; they join in the fight to save Camelot and even walk the Grey Paths of the Dead. With a mix of Malory, a touch of Tolkien, and a hint of humor, The Monster Specialist chronicles a tale of courage, tenacity, honor, and love.

The book is being illustrated by Anke Eissmann and is due to be published later this year.

The manuscript has already received much praise, including from some of the leading names in the world of Tolkien Studies. Some of their comments can be read here.

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19th May 2014: 2014 Tolkien Conference

A brief write-up of last week's Tolkien Conference in Jena has been published on the website of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft (in German) [link here].

See also From Peterborough to Faëry, the book that was launched at this conference.

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14th May 2014: From Peterborough to Faëry

From Peterborough to Faery In order to recognise Dr. Allan G. Turner on his approaching 65th Birthday, Walking Tree Publishers honoured him by inviting his friends and colleagues to write essays on a variety of topics. The volume was presented to him as a surprise at the recent Tolkien Conference in Jena, Germany.

The book is included in the Cormarë Series as number 31. More information is available here.

The pictures below show the book being presented to Allan Turner (on the left in all four views) by his Jena colleague (and co-editor of the book), Dirk Vanderbeke. The pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

Allan Turner Festschrift Allan Turner Festschrift
Allan Turner Festschrift Allan Turner Festschrift

A pdf preview with the cover, table of contents and introduction is also available here (ca 1.2MB).

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25th February 2014: Musik in Mittelerde published

In the Nameless Wood We are pleased to announce that the German version of Music in Middle-earth is now published.

Musik in Mittelerde and Music in Middle-earth were produced as a joint effort by Edition Stein und Baum and Walking Tree Publishers, with those articles originally written in English translated into German and vice versa. Due to unforeseen delays, the German version could not be launched jointly with Music in Middle-earth as initially planned. However, we are very pleased to announce that Musik in Mittelerde is now available.

Musik in Mittelerde can be bought directly from Edition Stein und Baum (ISBN 978-3-932683-14-5).

Our page on the English language version, Music in Middle-earth, is here.

The covers of both versions feature Anke Eißmann's picture, Daeron and Lúthien.

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30th January 2014: Call for papers: "Humour in and around the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien"

The call for papers for Humour in and around the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien has been extended to 30th June. The (updated) call for papers can be read here.

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