Services for authors

Walking Tree Publisher offer their authors the following services:

  • Critical evaluation of the submitted typescript by the series editors.

  • If this primary evaluation is positive, the typescript is passed on to one of the internationally acknowledged Tolkien experts who serve as peer-reviewers for WTP (see the list of our Board of Academic Advisors) and to one of our general readers (commenting on the "readability" of the study from an informed lay-person perspective). These readers/reviewers assess the typescript and provide a detailed feedback and comments. These comments and suggestions are passed on to the author in anonymised form and s/he, together with the series editors, decide on the necessary revisions and changes.

  • The author and WTP, upon successfully completing the reviewing process, sign a contract regulating the copyright etc.

  • WTP proofreads the revised typescript and creates a professional layout using InDesign.

  • WTP provides, in agreement with the author and in co-operation with acknowledged visual artists, a suitable (custom-made) cover-illustration and cover-layout.

  • The author receives a free copy of his/her book and the right to purchase further copies at a reduced price.

  • WTP take care of an appropriate distribution of the book in Europe and the USA.

  • WTP offer the books at an attractive and competitive price.

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