Tales of Yore

Tales of Yore is a collection of tales and stories inspired by Tolkien's sub-creation.

The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis

The Monster Specialist Sir Severus le Brewse, among the least known of King Arthur's Round Table knights, is preferred by nature, disposition, and training to fight against monsters rather than other knights. After youthful adventures of errantry with dragons, trolls, vampires, and assorted beasts, Severus joins the brilliant sorceress Lilava to face the Chimaera in The Greatest Monster Battle of All Time to free her folk from an age-old curse. But their adventures don't end there; together they meet elves and magicians, friends and foes; they join in the fight to save Camelot and even walk the Grey Paths of the Dead. With a mix of Malory, a touch of Tolkien, and a hint of humor, The Monster Specialist chronicles a tale of courage, tenacity, honor, and love.

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The Monster Specialist, Edward S. Louis, Tales of Yore Series No. 3, 310 pages, Walking Tree Publishers, Zurich and Jena 2014, ISBN 978-3-905703-23-8.

Older Tales of Yore books

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Wilmot's Very Strange Stone by Kay Woollard

Little Wilmot Puddifoot was fond of collecting stones, but one day when gathering snow to build a snobbit (snow hobbit) he found and took home a stone which possessed sinister and terrible powers ...

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Wilmot's Very Strange Stone, Kay Woollard, Tales of Yore Series No. 2, Walking Tree Publishers, 2002, ISBN 3-9521424-4-1, accompanied by audio CD.

The Terror of Tatty Walk by Kay Woollard

Ossie Pie, the baker's apprentice, was a merry young hobbit who lived with his fierce little mother in Lavender Lane, Stock. His journeys to and from work and his evening visits to the Inn led him along Tatty Walk, a narrow lane, past a row of cottages. This was a pleasant place on sunny days but could be quite creepy after dark.

In the Spring of 1248, Shire Reckoning, there were suddenly rumours of something terrible seen in and around the village. Ossie tried to laugh at the whole business, but soon his journeys took on the quality of nightmares........

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The Terror of Tatty Walk, Kay Woollard, Tales of Yore Series No. 1, Walking Tree Publishers, 2000, ISBN 3-9521424-2-5, accompanied by audio CD.

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