Inside Language

Ross Smith

Cormarë Series No. 12

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Inside Language Tolkien's views on language, though never published as a formalised theory, were in some aspects rather 'heretic' (to use Tom Shippey's term) and seemed to fly into the face of 'established' linguistic theory — most notably his conception of 'native (hereditary) language' and, related to it, the idea of 'linguistic aesthetic' and 'phonetic fitness'. Unfortunately, this aspect of Tolkien's linguistic work has, as yet, not received the attention it deserves. This is remedied by Ross Smith's study that investigates the question of Tolkien's position on language vis-a-vis the then (and even now) dominant tenet(s) in some depth.

Inside Language is now available in it's second edition.

The entire text has been thoroughly revised and a detailed index has been added. In addition, new material has been incorporated and a number of passages have been reworked in search of greater consistency. The result is a second edition which builds on the strengths of the first to achieve a more robust and coherent work.


Second edition of Inside Language published (19th December 2011)
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About the first edition

175 pages, Walking Tree Publishers 2007, Second edition 2011, Cormarë Series No. 12, ISBN: 978-3-905703-20-7.

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