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Binding them all: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on JRR Tolkien and His Works

8th October 2017: Binding Them All is published

We are pleased to announce our latest publication Binding them all: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on JRR Tolkien and His Works, edited by Monika Kirner-Ludwig, Stephan Köser and Sebastian Streitberger.

This volume "binds" a collection of selected papers that emerged from the J.R.R. Tolkien-lecture-series initiated at the University of Augsburg in 2014. Each of the papers is representative of the editors' interest in the interdisciplinary potentials of Tolkien's works and the joint venture to make his legacy visible and accessible from the viewpoint of numerous academic disciplines. Our contributors are experts as well as junior scholars from the fields of Literature and Linguistics, Geography, History, as well as Communications and Cultural Studies.

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JRR Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet

30th September 2017: JRR Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet is published

Our new monograph, JRR Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet by Julian Eilmann is now available.

Sleeps a song in things abounding
that keep dreaming to be heard:
Earth"s tune will start resounding
if you find the magic word.

Joseph v. Eichendorff's (1788–1857) famous poem "Wünschelrute" expresses what lies at the heart of the romantic weltanschauung: a transcendent secret surrounds us and can be roused by romantic individuals with the help of poetry and art. As a consequence of this romantic perspective the world regains its fundamental magical quality. Although dating back to the first half of the 19th century, the romantic weltanschauung underlies the life and work of many representatives of later periods, J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) amongst them. [read more]

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Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien

24th November 2016: Laughter in Middle-earth published

Laughter in Middle-earth Walking Tree Publishers are proud to announce the publication of a new book Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien. This collection of nine papers is edited by Thomas Honegger and Maureen F. Mann.

"It is precisely against the darkness of the world that comedy arises, and it is best when that is not hidden."

With these words Tolkien replied to Rayner Unwin's comments upon first reading Book 1 of Lord of the Rings. Rayner had not commented on the comedy of Book 1 but on the overpowering effect of "the struggle between darkness and light", as he put it, and that omission disappointed Tolkien. If this was the response of Tolkien's famous first reviewer, it is not surprising that academic studies have also tended to ... [read more]

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Representations of Nature in Middle-earth

7th July 2015: Representations of Nature in Middle-earth published

Representations of Nature in Middle-earth Walking Tree Publishers are proud to announce the publication of a new book Representations of Nature in Middle-earth. This collection of nine essays is edited by Martin Simonson.

Tolkien's portrayal of nature in Middle-earth has been interpreted in a variety of ways, often depending on the context of the reading. Some have seen Middle-earth and its potential destroyer, the Ring, as an allegory of the European continent under the threat of the atomic bomb, while others have embraced it as an artistic expression of the Green movement's agenda in the face of industrial abuse. Some have read nature in Tolkien's work in terms of myth and religion; yet others take the exhaustive descriptions of the physical environment as a sign that Middle-earth itself ... [read more]

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Deep Roots in a Time of Frost

13th November 2014: Deep Roots in a Time of Frost published

Deep Roots in a Time of Frost Patrick Curry's new book, Deep Roots in a Time of Frost, Essays on Tolkien is now released. The new volume collects essays that were all previously published (some of them by us) but some of which may be difficult to track down, and which have never been released in one volume before.

In this collection of his published essays, Patrick Curry explores two themes in Tolkien's great work: enchantment, the Elves and Faërie, and the natural world of Middle-earth. He considers their different effects on both readers and literary critics, and brings to light the deep connections between these two subjects, as well as between them and Tolkien's ultimate concern ... [read more]

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The Monster Specialist

18th September 2014: Sir Severus Le Brewse is back!

The Monster Specialist E dward S. Louis' new book, The Monster Specialist is finally available. The book's Part 1, "Sir Severus le Brewse" was first published in 2005 by another publisher and is now republished by us in a single volume jointly with the previously unpublished parts 2 and 3, "Severus and the Two Kings" and "Lilava in Search of Severus".

The Monster Specialist tells the adventures of Sir Severus le Brewse and his lovely lady, Lilava, as they quest against monsters of all descriptions. In contrast to other knights, Severus is not keen to slay his monster opponents, but will seek out a more amicable solution wherever possible. But he is gradually drawn into a confrontation with his nemesis, King Abra, and through him into the darker events of the wider world and the conflict between Arthur and Mordred.

In the picture on the left below, the new book is shown alongside the original Sir Severus Le Brewse. On the right, the book is opened to show one of ten black and white illustrations by Anke Eissmann (click on pictures to enlarge).

The Monster Specialist and Sir Severus le Brewse The Monster Specialist Severus finds a sword

A free download of the first two chapters is available here.

More information, including some high-profile reviews, can be found here.

Some booksellers offering The Monster Specialist are listed here.

The Monster Specialist by Edward S. Louis, 310 pages, Walking Tree Publishers, Zurich and Jena 2014, ISBN 978-3-905703-23-8.

Recommended price UK: £15.00, USA: $24.30, Europe: €16.85, Switzerland: CHF20.00.

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Tolkien and Philosophy

16th July 2014: Announcing Tolkien and Philosophy

Tolkien and Philosophy We are proud to announce a new publication, the 32nd of the Cormarë Series, Tolkien and Philosophy, edited by Roberto Arduini & Claudio A. Testi.

"Tolkien and Philosophy" is a theme that has not yet been studied with the "philological" accuracy and the textual knowledge that are required to avoid squeezing the Professor's works inside conceptual frameworks that, rather than exposing their intrinsic value, risk losing both their profound meaning and their inherent beauty. What is the relationship between Tolkien's work and Philosophy? The question, if taken seriously, is by no means trivial. For these reasons we wish this book to become, in both method and content, an essential point of reference for anyone interested in better understanding the significant elements that sometimes link, sometimes divide, the "philologist" Tolkien from proper speculative philosophy.

read more

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From Peterborough to Faëry

14th May 2014: From Peterborough to Faëry

From Peterborough to Faery In order to recognise Dr. Allan G. Turner on his approaching 65th Birthday, Walking Tree Publishers honoured him by inviting his friends and colleagues to write essays on a variety of topics. The volume was presented to him as a surprise at the recent Tolkien Conference in Jena, Germany.

The book is included in the Cormarë Series as number 31. More information is available here.

The pictures below show the book being presented to Allan Turner (on the left in all four views) by his Jena colleague (and co-editor of the book), Dirk Vanderbeke. The pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

Allan Turner Festschrift Allan Turner Festschrift
Allan Turner Festschrift Allan Turner Festschrift

A pdf preview with the cover, table of contents and introduction is also available here (ca 1.2MB).

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Musik in Mittelerde

25th February 2014: Musik in Mittelerde published

In the Nameless Wood We are pleased to announce that the German version of Music in Middle-earth is now published.

Musik in Mittelerde and Music in Middle-earth were produced as a joint effort by Edition Stein und Baum and Walking Tree Publishers, with those articles originally written in English translated into German and vice versa. Due to unforeseen delays, the German version could not be launched jointly with Music in Middle-earth as initially planned. However, we are very pleased to announce that Musik in Mittelerde is now available.

Musik in Mittelerde can be bought directly from Edition Stein und Baum (ISBN 978-3-932683-14-5).

Our page on the English language version, Music in Middle-earth, is here.

The covers of both versions feature Anke Eißmann's picture, Daeron and Lúthien.

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In the Nameless Wood, Explorations in the Philological Hinterland of Tolkien's Literary Creations

11th September 2013: New book – In the Nameless Wood

In the Nameless Wood Following in the footsteps of the previous publication, Tolkien's View: Windows into his World, Professor J.S. Ryan in this latest collection of essays pursues Professor Tolkien's narrow path through the Nameless Wood of uncharted territory between academic research and mythcreation culminating in the writing of the 20th century's masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.

Having himself studied under Professor J.R.R. Tolkien and having written for no less than 50 years on his inspirational teacher, his sources and the applicability of his writings, J.S. Ryan is uniquely placed to reflect not only on Tolkien the Scholar or Tolkien the Author, but equally on Tolkien the Man. ... (more)

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