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24th November 2016: Laughter in Middle-earth published

Laughter in Middle-earth Walking Tree Publishers are proud to announce the publication of a new book Laughter in Middle-earth: Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien. This collection of nine papers is edited by Thomas Honegger and Maureen F. Mann.

"It is precisely against the darkness of the world that comedy arises, and it is best when that is not hidden."

With these words Tolkien replied to Rayner Unwin's comments upon first reading Book 1 of Lord of the Rings. Rayner had not commented on the comedy of Book 1 but on the overpowering effect of "the struggle between darkness and light", as he put it, and that omission disappointed Tolkien. If this was the response of Tolkien's famous first reviewer, it is not surprising that academic studies have also tended to ... [read more]

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