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3rd March 2013: Wagner/Tolkien studies reviewed in Beyond Bree

Both of our recent monographies on Wagner and Tolkien have been reviewed by Jim Allan in Beyond Bree.

The review of Christopher MacLachlan's Tolkien and Wagner: The Ring and Der Ring appeared in the August 2012 issue, and that of Renée Vink's Wagner and Tolkien: Mythmakers in the January 2013 issue.

Jim Allan wrote much praise of the second book, but was harsher on the first. We nevertheless reproduce both reviews here for completeness, and to allow our readers to draw their own conclusions.

The reviews can be accessed by clicking on the text links above or the book covers below.

Beyond Bree is the newsletter of the Tolkien Special Interest Group of American Mensa. Subscriptions are open to all lovers of Tolkien's Middle-earth, Mensan and non- Mensan alike. For more information on Beyond Bree, please visit

Jim Allan is the editor of An Introduction to Elvish. See

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