Musik in Mittelerde published

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25th February 2014: Musik in Mittelerde published

In the Nameless Wood We are pleased to announce that the German version of Music in Middle-earth is now published.

Musik in Mittelerde and Music in Middle-earth were produced as a joint effort by Edition Stein und Baum and Walking Tree Publishers, with those articles originally written in English translated into German and vice versa. Due to unforeseen delays, the German version could not be launched jointly with Music in Middle-earth as initially planned. However, we are very pleased to announce that Musik in Mittelerde is now available.

Musik in Mittelerde can be bought directly from Edition Stein und Baum (ISBN 978-3-932683-14-5).

Our page on the English language version, Music in Middle-earth, is here.

The covers of both versions feature Anke Eißmann's picture, Daeron and Lúthien.

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