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19th December 2011: Second edition of Inside Language

Inside Language by Ross Smith Walking Tree Publishers are pleased to anounce the publication of a second edition of Inside Language, Linguistic and Aesthetic Theory in Tolkien by Ross Smith.

The entire text has been thoroughly revised and a detailed index has been added. In addition, new material has been incorporated and a number of passages have been reworked in search of greater consistency. The result is a second edition which builds on the strengths of the first to achieve a more robust and coherent work. (read more)

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14th December 2011: Tolkien's Influence on Fantasy

27th-29th April 2012, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

DTG Seminar with the support of Walking Tree Publishers

Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is, of course, neither the earliest nor the only work of fantasy that has exerted an influence on the development of the genre. Yet it is arguably one of the most important sources for many of the key texts of 20th and 21st century fantasy and is very often used as a work of reference (author xy is "the new Tolkien", "the Tolkien of xy" etc.). Its enormous popularity has made it almost impossible to ignore or even to avoid contact with its key-elements and stock-characters, such as maps, magic rings, elves, dwarves, wizards etc. They have been adapted by numerous later writers and artists and have become familiar icons of popular culture. Writing fantasy seemed, for a long time, to offer only two choices: to write in the tradition established by Tolkien, or against it. Recent authors, however, approach the 'tradition' with greater freedom and while acknowledging their debt to Tolkien, they no longer feel bound by the 'authority' of the master. This development has been furthered by a general trend towards the transgression of genre borders and the posthumous publication of much of the background material related to the ?sub-creation« of Middle-earth has opened up new vistas and provided ample opportunities for independent 'sub-creation'.

The Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena is hosting the 9th Seminar of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft (DTG) from 27-29 April 2012. The Seminar aims at exploring the various aspects of Tolkien's influence (or, alternatively, non-influence) on the development of fantasy and contributions (either in German or English) not only from scholars but also writers/authors and other artists are welcome.

For more information, please visit the website of the DTG Seminar 2012 Jena (external link).

For information on past and other conferences with Walking Tree Publishes participation, please visit our conferences page.

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23rd November 2011: Arda Slam at The Return of the Ring

The Tolkien Society is organising a major conference at Loughborough University (UK) from 16th-20th August 2012. Walking Tree Publishers will be participating at the event and offering an "Arda Slam". Contestants will have ten minutes to present a Tolkien-related topic of their choice, with audience members judging them on their performance. The topics can be summaries or teasers of full presentations being held at the conference, or can be standalone talks. Projectors and other visual aids are allowed as in a full-length speaking slot, but the ten-minute time frame must be strictly adhered to. The challenge will lie in presenting your topic in the most appealing and accessible way possible.

Anybody wishing to take part should contact us.

More information on The Return of the Ring conference is available from

For information on past and other conferences with Walking Tree Publishes participation, please visit our conferences page.

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21st November 2011: Derry Journal presents Liam Campbell's book

The Derry Journal has dedicated an article to the launch of Liam Campbell's new book, The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien. The article can be read on the website of the Derry Journal: Derry author launches book on Tolkien.

Derry Journal article on Liam Campbell's The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien

(click to view article on website of Derry Journal)

More information on The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien.

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20th November 2011: Second edition of translation volumes

Tolkien in Translation Translating Tolkien: Text and Film In 2003, Walking Tree Publishers released, Tolkien in Translation. The volume looked at different challenges facing Tolkien translators and discussed the translations of Tolkien into a variety of languages. The following year, the book was joined by a second volume, Translating Tolkien: Text and Film, expanding on the subject whilst also looking at a different form of translation: the adaption of Tolkien's works for the cinema – a very topical matter in view of the (then) recent release of Peter Jackson's movie.

Translating Tolkien: Text and Film has been out of print for some time now, and stocks of Tolkien in Translation have also been running low. Walking Tree Publishers are pleased to announce that both volumes have now been reprinted. Their reprinting also marks the completion of an eight-year transition to the print-on-demand format for the Cormarë Series, meaning they will not run out of print again so easily. The format also facilitates availability and distribution through the use of local printing in different locations across the globe.

The opportunity has been taken to make various smaller corrections to the texts while transferring them to our new layout. Cover illustrations were provided by Anke Eißmann.

Information on these volumes is presented on the pages below:

The picture below shows the old and new editions of both books.

Old and new editions of translation volumes

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2nd November 2011: The Loss and the Silence now available.

The Loss and the Silence: Aspects of Modernism in the Works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien & Charles Williams Walking Tree Publishers are pleased to announce the release of our latest publication: The Loss and the Silence: Aspects of Modernism in the Works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien & Charles Williams by Margaret Hiley.

Traditionally, the "Inklings" C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams have been seen as separate from the literature of their time: as innovative in an idiosyncratic way at best, and as reactionary and in deliberate opposition to contemporary progressive writing at worst. Recent years have seen a gradual change in this view, but few studies to date have attempted to read Lewis, Tolkien and ... (read more)

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8th August 2011: Price reduction in Swiss Francs

Walking Tree Publishers bookstandDue to the recent extreme fluctuations of currency exchange rates, our direct distribution prices have become increasingly misaligned between the dfferent currencies in which we price our books. In order not to disadvantage our Swiss readers, we are cutting our Swiss Franc prices by 20% for a temporary period.

You can view our direct distribution price list (with the modified prices) here.

Our books are available by mail-order worldwide. Besides buying directly from us, you can also buy from various retailers (prices and conditions may vary between retailers).

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3rd August 2011: The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien now available.

The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR TolkienWalking Tree Publishers are pleased to announce a new publication: The Ecological Augury in the Works of JRR Tolkien by Liam Campbell.

A new death for the old world, winds of industrial change that gust across green hills and dales, machines and callous hearts that dig deep into the ecosystems of Earth as trees crash upon the shrinking forest floors and ecological devastation is visited upon the land. This is the darkest hour of Middle-earth as presented in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings ? how curiously all of this resembles our reality, and the environmental crisis that threatens the modern world... (read more)

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21st July 2011: Review of Music in Middle-earth

A review of Music in Middle-earth has been published in Inklings Jahrbuch 28. The review (in German) can be read here.

Inklings Jahrbuch is the journal of the Inklings Gesellschaft, whose website is

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12th July 2011: Review of Beowulf and the Dragon by Alexa Chipman

Review of Bewoulf and the DragonA short review of Bewoulf and the Dragon can be read on Alexa Chipman's blog and is reproduced with kind permission on this website (here).

Alexa Chipman has also written a more formal review that will appear in the upcoming issue of Silver Leaves Journal (issue 4) from The White Tree Fund (external links).

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