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Cormarë Series

We are currently preparing several new books, these include:

  • Julian Eilmann. J.R.R. Tolkien - Romanticist and Poet
    Publication: October 2017 (Augsburg conference)

  • Claudio Testi. Pagan Saints in Middle-earth.
    Publication: Winter 2017/18

  • There and Back Again. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on J.R.R. Tolkien and his Works.
    Monika Kirner-Ludwig, Stephan Köser, Sebastian Streitberger (eds.)
    Publication: if possible, October 2017 (Augsburg conference)

  • Music in Tolkien's Work and Beyond
    Julian Eilmann and Friedhelm Schneidewind (eds.).

  • Tolkien and Literary Worldbuilding
    Dimitra Fimi and Thomas Honegger (eds.)
    Publication Spring/Summer 2018.

  • Tolkien and World War I
    Janet Brennan Croft and Annika Röttinger (eds.)

  • Middle-earth or There and Back Again
    Lukasz Neubauer (ed.)

Tales of Yore Series

No new books currently in preparation.


All work in our company is done by volunteers, who are handling demanding day jobs on the side. Furthermore, funds put a limit to our dreams — so our future, dear customer, depends on you too.

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